Beef as it should be, tender, lean and full of flavour. Our beef is available in whole, Halves and our fan favourite 15lbs BEEF Boxes

  • No Growth Hormones

  • No Antibiotics in feed

  • No Steroids

  • Low in Fat

  • Low Cholestrol

  • Naturally Sweet Flavor


Sample Beef Box

A 15 lb sample beef box great way to try out this great tasting, tender and lean Longhorn beef without the commitment of a whole or half order. Great way to keep your freezer stocked with great tasting lean beef all the time.

Cost is $150 per box. 

vacuum sealed & flash frozen

  • 1 or 2 3-5 lbs roasts

  • 5 to 6 lbs of ground beef

  • 4-6 steaks 1 inch thick


Grilling Box

We are excited to add a Grilling Box to our product list. The Grilling box is the perfect BBQ combo! Includes 6-8 Steaks and 12 burger patties. 

Cost $100.00 per box

  • vacuum sealed & flash frozen

  • 6 6oz burger patties

  • 6-8 steaks 1 inch thick


Whole or half order

Purchasing in volume can save the average family $800-$1000 per year. Whole and half orders are available. 

  • vacuum sealed or paper wrapped packages

  • flash frozen for optimal freshness and lasts longer