4L Longhorns

We pride ourselves in producing quality longhorn meat you can trust from field to fork.  Our herd produces 100% Longhorn beef. Longhorn meat is known for its marbled quality without excess external fat cover; this ensures tenderness and fantastic flavor! Every animal is carefully selected once it has reached maturity before being sent to the butcher in order for you to receive the tastiest, natural flavored beef.

  Its simple, we believe local, flavor and quality is best.


We endeavor to produce purebred Texas Longhorn cattle of the finest quality while maintaining the foundation attributes of the breed - inherent hardiness, disease resistance, soundness, fertility, calving ease and mothering ability.


We genuinely love what we do and most of all we are delighted to bring you the best Grass Fed / Pasture Raised meat experience you will ever have. We are excited to share in the sustainable future by providing you with local food that comes directly from OUR farm to your plate. Our land, we manage naturally, with movement of the cattle from one pasture of lush green grass to the next, thereby giving the land a rest to rejuvenate and reproduce.


The Texas Longhorn almost became extinct because they did not produce enough fatty meat. The very thing almost caused their demise in the 1800's is exactly what people today are looking for. Today's consumer wants to get leaner, healthier faster. All Natural Texas Longhorn Beef is just what the doctor ordered!

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