4L Longhorns

We endeavour to produce purebred Texas Longhorn cattle of the finest quality while maintaining the foundation attributes of the breed - inherent hardiness, disease resistance, soundness, fertility, calving ease and mothering ability.

With Longhorn Beef you get the delicious beef you love and a lean healthy alternative to chicken and turkey. Our beef has only 140 calories, 25.5 grams of protein, 3.7  grams of fat, and 61.5 mg of cholesterol per serving. You will get the irreplaceable genuine beef taste that you love without sacrificing anything for better health.

The Texas Longhorn almost became extinct because they did not produce enough fatty meat. The very thing almost caused their demise in the 1800's is exactly what people today are looking for. Today's consumer wants to get leaner, healthier faster. All Natural Texas Longhorn Beef is just what the doctor ordered!



Texas Longhorns are descended from Spanish cattle brought to the new world by Spanish settlers beginning with Christopher Columbus in 1493; at that time, cattle were not native to North America. The English, in their colonization efforts also brought cattle to North America. Escaped cattle from both sources provided the foundation of Texas Longhorns. As these cattle moved to the Western ranges, rugged, big horned cattle multiplied without help from man. Traits were genetically fixed, and as a result survival of the fittest, good, healthy, fertile, disease resistant and sound bovines descended.

These cattle, developed by nature over 400 years on the Western range, began to fall out of popularity in the 1900's. At this time, candles had been the main source of light for nearly 2000 years. Tallow, the main ingredient in candles is obtained by rendering animal fat. Hide and tallow companies, as early beef processing plants were known, were a major industry in the early days of the industrial revolution. Meat was mostly an economic by-product. The demand for tallow was the driving force of the cattle business. Cattle were selected for the heaviest fat producing animals. It is no wonder that naturally lean Longhorns, with 80% less renderable tallow than the English breeds were not in demand.

Today, Texas Longhorns are returning to popularity with health-conscious consumers valuing this lean yet tender longhorn beef. Ranchers too appreciate the Longhorn's efficiency, disease resistance, hardiness and calving easy.

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